Auto Donation to fight cancer

Cars Fighting Cancer Needs Your Auto Donation

auto donation

Your auto donation can help find a cure for cancer. Every auto donation that cars fighting cancer receives is put towards research and education to help create a cancer free world. Did you know that cancer is the cause for every 1 in 8 deaths in our nation?

By 2030, the International Research Agency predicts cancer cases to reach 21.4 million and cause approximately 13.5 million deaths. We must take action now to stop this from happening. Your auto donation will be sold for the maximum amount and the proceeds from your auto donation will go towards research, education, advocacy, and support.

It’s time to clear up garage space and put that old junky car to a good cause. Repairs and selling take up time that you probably don’t have and as a matter of fact probably wouldn’t even be worthwhile. Let us save you your valuable time. We will pick up the car right from your home, office, storage, or wherever it may be.

All you have to do is give us the address and we’ll schedule a convenient pick up time for you. We even provide 24 hour towing service. If you are not able to be there at the time of pick up that is no issue. Leave the keys and title in the car and we’ll take it from there.

You will be pleased to know your auto donation is tax deductible and will save you money on your taxes. After the car is auctioned off, we’ll mail you a tax deductible form. Who doesn’t love to get a tax break?

No vehicle is turned down for car donation, we accept every vehicle whether it’s in working condition or not. The auto donation process takes only about five minutes of your time and can be done online using this form or if you prefer to call us and do it over the phone we can be reached at 888-950-CURE (2873).

By collectively working together Cars Fighting Cancer can make the difference needed to find a cure and share a life free of cancer. Remember, we’re all effected by cancer and every auto donation helps. Help support the fight against cancer.