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Cars for Cancer

cars for cancer

Donate to cars for cancer. Did you know that by donating to cars for cancer you will be spreading the hope and supporting research, advocacy, and finding a cure for cancer? Cancer does not spare anyone, at one point in your life you will be touched by this devastating illness.

According to the America Cancer Society, cancer is the second cause of death and there will be roughly 1.6 million new cases of cancer in 2014 and account for 585,270 deaths in the United States. One out of four deaths are caused from cancer. That’s a scary thought isn’t it? We must end the cancer epidemic in our country. Each and every cars for cancer will be auctioned off and be put towards making this happen.

The donation process for cars for cancer is fast and simple. It can be done using this form or by giving us a jingle at 888-950-CURE (2873). All cars are gladly accepted, it doesn’t matter the year of the vehicle, how many miles it has or even if it will not start. That ancient car that you once probably thought to yourself what on earth will I do with this?

Or where is the nearest junk yard—will be put towards a great cause. And as a bonus in case you were not aware your vehicle donation for cars for cancer is tax deductible. We will mail you a form after the car is auctioned off and when tax season comes, you can deduct the car on your taxes.

Save yourself time, a migraine, and money by donating to Cars Fighting Cancer today. Call us or do the process online, we can schedule pickup whenever is a convenient time for you, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The process is fast, easy, and very worthwhile. Cars for cancer appreciates your donation.

We’re all affected by cancer and we can all do something to help. We must work together in finding a cure for cancer once and for all. Every car counts so donate to cars for cancer today. Support the fighters, admire the survivors, and honor the taken. Miracles do happen.